Saturday, 17 August 2013

WAGR Relay Cabin

WAGR Relay Cabin

The prototype of this relay cabin was installed in the 1950's along the WAGR South-West main line at a number of stations between Armadale and Coolup, in conjunction with the introduction of Centralised Traffic Control (CTC).  The relay cabins housed signalling relays and associated equipment, as well as telemetry equipment to allow the signalling to be remotely controlled from Perth station initially (later MidSig).

Some of the stations where these relay cabins were installed include Mundijong and Mundijong Junction, Serpentine, Keysbrook and Pinjarra.  Several of the relay cabins are still in use and largely unchanged, apart from replacement of the original corrugated asbestos roofing with iron in the early 2000's.

The 3D-printed model measures 71 mm long x 45 mm wide (not included the roof overhang) and 55 mm high above ground level.  The model includes an extra 5 mm deep "foundation" when can be recessed into the layout scenery to allow for slight undulations in the ground surface.

The model is printed in one piece and is complete apart from painting and installation of "windows" (not included).  Removal of the support materials (pictured at left) are also required.