Friday, 15 January 2021

Marbelup Models Catalogue

Locomotives (Narrow Gauge - Sn3½ Scale)

•  WAGR/Westrail AB Class Locomotive Instructions
(work in progress)
•  Westrail DB Class Loco Instructions
(work in progress)
• WAGR/Westrail D/DA Class Loco Instructions
(work in progress)
• WAGR R Class Loco Instructions
• WAGR RA Class Loco Instructions

4-Wheel Wagons (Narrow Gauge - Sn3½ Scale)

• WAGR CXB 4-wheel sheep wagon Instructions
• WAGR DC 4-wheel Van
• WAGR FD 4-wheel Louvre Van Instructions

Bogie Wagons and Guard's Vans (Narrow Gauge - Sn3½ Scale)

• WAGR QMC Car Wagon
• WAGR RB Open Wagon Instructions
• WAGR SXT bogie sheep wagon Instructions
• WAGR VD Bogie Louvre Van Instructions
• WAGR VDR Bogie Freezer Van Instructions
• WAGR VG Bogie Covered Van Instructions
• WAGR WMC Iron Ore Hopper Instructions
• WAGR WMD Hopper Wagon Instructions
• XM Ballast Hopper Instructions
• XW Wheat Hopper Instructions
• WAGR ZBA Guard's Van Instructions
• WAGR Clerestory Roof Guard's Van Instructions
• NH-ENH-QA-HA-AHAF Hopper Wagons Instructions

WAGR/Westrail Standard Gauge Wagons (HO Scale) - HO WAGONS ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE

• AQNY Container Wagon & AZKY (HO Scale) Instructions
• WBC Guards Van (HO Scale) Instructions
• WF/WFW/WFDY Flat Wagon (HO Scale) Instructions
• WOB Iron Ore Wagon (HO Scale) Instructions
• WSH Ballast Hopper (HO Scale) Instructions
• WW AGWY AGSY Wheat Hopper (HO Scale) Instructions
• BHP Iron Ore cars (HO Scale)


• Sheep Loads for CXB/SXT
• WAGR Water Columns Instructions
• WAGR Relay Cabin
• Bogies for WMC/WMD Instructions
• Bogies for XM Ballast Hopper
• Bettendorf Bogies and NG Bolsters Instructions
• Roofwalks for DC Vans
• Iron Ore Containers (HO and S Scale)