Tuesday, 3 June 2014

RB Open Wagon

The steel-sided RB open wagons were built between 1930 and 1937, with a total of 177 being built.  Some RB's lasted until 1971 in their original form.  Others were converted, quite early on, to class RBW by the addition of wooden hungry boards to increase the capacity for carrying wheat.  The RBW version survived until 1990.  For more information on the prototype, refer to the WA Wagon Pages.

Prototype Photo from Rail Heritage WA
The model depicts the original version.  As well Marbelup Models plans to produce the RBW version in the future.  The 3D-printed one-piece body incorporates many details including brake cylinder, brake levers, queen posts and bumper springs for the drop-down doors.  The modeller must add some details from brass wire including truss rods (4), brake rods and handrails (s).  The interior of the model includes detail to represent the pressed steel end panels and doors.

The 3D print includes full rivet detail - 1024 rivets in total!

Correct arch-bar bogies are available from Railwest Models.  The photo above shows the model with Ratio (UK) arch-bar bogies which are similar but have a slightly shorter wheelbase.

See the Construction Tips for details on installation of truss rods, brake rodding, etc. to complete this model.