Saturday, 5 October 2013

WAGR WMD Hopper Wagon

First Test Print of WMD (no added detail)
Due to popular demand, Marbelup Models has created a WMD version of the WMC iron-ore wagon.

WMD's were used to carry coal, wheat and talc, and roamed widely over the rail network including the Metropolitan, South-West, Great Southern and MidWest regions.  The photo below from the Rail Heritage WA Archive shows one being shunted at Narrogin.

WMD's could often be found in general goods trains compared to WMC's which ran in dedicated block trains in iron-ore traffic.  WMD's were painted both in grey, the same as WMC's and later in Westrail yellow.  For more information on the prototype, see the WA Wagon Pages.

The expected price of the WMD (body only) will be about AU$95, subject to exchange rate variations.  The reason for the price difference compared to the WMC is simply the additional volume of resin used to print the hungry boards, as the costs for this particular 3D printing process is based on the amount of material in the finished item.  3D-printed bogies are available for $30 per pair, not including wheels.

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