Tuesday, 22 January 2019

What's In the Works

This page provides a sneak preview of projects currently in development or being contemplated.

Feel free to email Marbelup Models if you are interested in any of these models and would like to be kept informed of progress.  Your feedback and interest may well influence priorities for design of future models.  Also feel free to nominate ideas for possible future models.

WAGR/Westrail XW Grain Hopper

The XW (and later variations) were the most numerous grain hoppers on the WAGR/Westrail narrow gauge lines and were introduced in 1972.

Project Status: Design is progressing for Sn3½ version only.

WAGR QU Flat Wagon

The QU's were the first "modern" flat wagon on the narrow gauge, dating from 1963.  Unusually, they were painted black initially and then yellow.

Project Status: Photos and measurements taken of stored wagons at Pemberton.  3D design not started.