Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Sheep Load for CXB and SXT

Close up of painted Sheep Load
 Marbelup Models offers 3D-printed sheep loads for the CXB and SXT sheep wagons.  The loads consist of groups of 45 sheep, which can be inserted during final assembly of the sheep wagons.

The loads for the CXB are 3D-printed in Alumide material which is a combination of plastic (polyamide) and aluminium powders, fused together by a laser.  The Alumide provides a bit of weight to the wagons, more so than pure plastic, adding about 24 g to the CXB.  The Alumide also has a textured surface which looks effective when painted.  The painted sheep in the photos have been airbrushed with Tamiya XF78 "Wooden Deck Tan" acrylic.

For the SXT bogie sheep wagon, the Alumide sheep are actually a bit too heavy, so they are also available in pure Polyamide.  The Polyamide sheep load for the SXT adds about 32 g.  The Polyamide has a smoother texture than the Alumide but still looks good when painted.

Unpainted Alumide Sheep Load
CXB Sheep Wagon with painted Sheep Load