Monday, 15 September 2014

NH ENH QA HA AHAF Hopper Wagons

NH Hopper S Scale after Painting
This 3D design from Marbelup Models is a little different, in that it is of a wagon which didn't originate from WA although some did find their way to WA in 2003.

These wagons were originally built in 1966 and 1968 to carry iron ore on the North Australia Railway from the Mount Bundey and Frances Creek mines to Darwin.  In the late 1970's, they were relocated to Port Lincoln in South Australia for use on the Eyre Peninsular Railway, carrying superphosphate, ballast and, later, Gypsum.  Some were relocated to Tasmania to carry coal and superphosphate.  Then, in 2003, approx 20 were shipped across to WA and refurbished for use on the Mt Gibson iron ore trains to Geraldton.

So, it seemed a good opportunity to build a model of these wagons which have served in 4 states/territories for well over 30 years, all on the 3' 6" (1067 mm) narrow gauge.  At this stage, Marbelup Models has done the 3D design for the original NT, SA and Tasmanian versions.  We will consider the WA AHAF version is there is any interest from modern image modellers.

NH Hopper TT Scale after Painting
The photos, below, of the unpainted models include added handrails and brake handles formed from brass wire.  Starter holes are included in the 3D print for the wire details.  See assembly tips for more information on finishing and detailing.

NH S Scale, Unpainted, A End

NH S Scale, Unpainted, B End
Original NH/NHA as running in Northern Territory 
NH/NHA "late" version as running in Northern Territory and also in
South Australia circa 1978-1984, prior to entering gypsum traffic.
QA and later HA as running in Tasmania
ENH/ENHA as running in gypsum traffic in South Australia.
The ENH/ENHA is also available with brackets for hungry boards, but without hungry boards.
AHAF as running to Geraldton, WA