Thursday, 13 November 2014

Bettendorf Bogies and Bolsters

American Models Bettendorf Bogie
Marbelup Models 3D-Printed Narrow Gauge Bolster

As supplied, the American Models Bettendorf bogies are designed for S scale standard gauge, i.e. 22.5 mm gauge.  The Marbelup Models 3D-printed narrow gauge bolsters greatly simplifies the process of converting the American Models bogie to narrow gauge.

* Limited quantity of American Models bogies available.

Assembly Tips

To install the 3D-printed narrow gauge bolsters, carefully remove the springs and separate the two side frames from the standard gauge bolster.

Tip: Work over a tray or shallow box to minimise the risk of losing springs.  The Kadee #241 manual uncoupling tool includes a “spring pic” which can be useful for removing and refitting springs.

Carefully remove the support structure from the 3D-printed bolsters using a sharp craft knife.  A knife with an Xacto No.11 blade is recommended.

If required, paint the narrow gauge bolsters and (optionally) the sideframes prior to reassembly.

Reassemble one sideframe of each bogie to a 3D-printed narrow gauge bolster.  Fit the second sideframe to each bogie but do not refit the springs at this stage.

Fit desired wheelsets by carefully twisting one sideframe with respect to the bolster.  Wheelsets must have 26 mm axles.

Refit springs to second sideframe of each bogie.

The pivot hole in the 3D-printed bolsters is designed for 2-56 (or 8BA) screws.