Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Latest News

3-May-2016 - Westrail DB Loco Project added.
28-Mar-2016 - Links updated to the WA Wagon Pages which have been relocated recently.  Please let me know if you find any links which do not work.
12-Feb-2016 - Most prices for 3D-printed items have gone up by approx. 10-15% due to a change in shipping charges from i.Materialise.
01-Jan-2016 - Added Clerestory Roof Z Vans
21-Nov-2015 - WBC Brake Vans added to Models Available for Immediate Purchase.
17-Nov-2015 - Added BHP Iron Ore Cars (4 types)
15-Nov-2015 - Added WW (AGWY/AGSY) Wheat Wagon.
14-Oct-2015 - Added instructions for WBC Guards Van.
1-Oct-2015 - Added WW Grain Hopper to What's in The Works page.
15-Sep-2015 - Added WAGR WBC Guards Van in HO scale.  New page added "What's in The Works?".
4-Sep-2015 - Added Instructions for WAGR WSH/XM ballast hoppers in Sn3½ and HO scale.
29-Jul-2015 - Added WAGR WSH/XM ballast hoppers in Sn3½ and HO scale.  Updated the WAGR WF/WFW/WFDY page to include photos of the painted models and add Assembly Tips.  Customer photo gallery updated with another photo of Simon Chandler's Tasmanian wagons.
9-Jul-2015 - Added WAGR WF/WFW/WFDY flat wagon in HO scale and iron ore containers.  Customer photo gallery updated with Simon Chandler's Tasmanian wagons.
24-Apr-2015 - Added WAGR WOB iron ore wagon in HO scale.
2-Feb-2015 - Set of parts for DA1576 Loco added to Models Available for Immediate Purchase.
29-Jan-2015 - Added Water Columns and more DC's to Models Available for Immediate Purchase.
16-Jan-2015 - Three Marbelup Models models - D and R loco, and NH Hopper Wagon - are featured in the February edition of Australian Model Railway Magazine.
16-Jan-2015 - Another CXB sheep wagon added to Models Available for Immediate Purchase.
22-Dec-2014 - CXB sheep wagon added to Models Available for Immediate Purchase.
20-Dec-2014 - Test Model of DA diesel assembled.  Photos added to D/DA Page and Sn3.5 Blog.

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Marbelup Models Catalogue

All models listed are available to order now, unless otherwise stated.

Also see the list of models in stock for immediate delivery.

Locomotives (Narrow Gauge - Sn3½ Scale)

• NEW Westrail DB Class Loco Project Instructions
(work in progress)
• WAGR/Westrail D/DA Class Loco
Available to order now.
(work in progress)
• WAGR R Class Loco Instructions
• WAGR RA Class Loco Instructions

4-Wheel Wagons (Narrow Gauge - Sn3½ Scale)

• WAGR CXB 4-wheel sheep wagon Instructions
• WAGR DC 4-wheel Van
• WAGR FD 4-wheel Louvre Van Instructions

Bogie Wagons and Guard's Vans (Narrow Gauge - Sn3½ Scale)

• WAGR QMC Car Wagon
• WAGR RB Open Wagon Instructions
• WAGR SXT bogie sheep wagon Instructions
• WAGR VD Bogie Louvre Van Instructions
• WAGR VDR Bogie Freezer Van Instructions
• WAGR VG Bogie Covered Van Instructions
• WAGR WMC Iron Ore Hopper Instructions
• WAGR WMD Hopper Wagon Instructions
• NEW XM Ballast Hopper Instructions
• WAGR ZBA Guard's Van Instructions
• NEW WAGR Clerestory Roof Guard's Van Instructions
• NH-ENH-QA-HA-AHAF Hopper Wagons Instructions

Westrail Standard Gauge Locomotives (HO and HOn3½ Scale)

• NEW Westrail DB Class Loco Project

WAGR/Westrail Standard Gauge Wagons (HO Scale)

• NEW AQNY Container Wagon & AZKY (HO Scale) Instructions
• NEW WBC Guards Van (HO Scale) Instructions
• WF/WFW/WFDY Flat Wagon (HO Scale) Instructions
• WOB Iron Ore Wagon (HO Scale) Instructions
• WSH Ballast Hopper (HO Scale) Instructions
• NEW WW AGWY AGSY Wheat Hopper (HO Scale) Instructions
• NEW BHP Iron Ore cars (HO Scale)


• Sheep Loads for CXB/SXT
• WAGR Water Columns Instructions
• WAGR Relay Cabin
• Bogies for WMC/WMD Instructions
• NEW Bogies for XM Ballast Hopper
• Bettendorf Bogies and NG Bolsters Instructions
• Roofwalks for DC Vans
• NEW Iron Ore Containers (HO and S Scale)