Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Marbelup Models - Available for Immediate Purchase

The following models are available from stock for immediate purchase:

  • 4 x WW Standard Gauge Wheat Wagons (HO Scale)... $80 each.
  • Sold - 6 x WO Standard Gauge Iron Ore Wagons (HO Scale)... $40 ea., $35 ea. for 5 or more.
  • 1 x WF/WFDY Standard Gauge Flat Wagon (HO Scale)... $55 each
  • 1 x WFW Standard Gauge Flat Wagon for Iron Ore Containers (HO)... $55 each
  • 3 x Iron Ore Containers for WFW (HO Scale)... $55 per set of 3.
  • Sold - 1 x AGWY Standard Gauge Wheat Wagons (HO Scale)... $75 each.  
  • Sold - 1 x WBC Standard Gauge Brake Vans (HO Scale) ... $90 each plus 3D printed bogies... $30 per pair (bearings included, wheels not included) 
  • Sold - 1 x CXB Sheep Wagon... $105 (sheep also available). More available to order.
  • Sold - 1 x FD Louvre Van... $75
  • 1 x DC Van (no diagonal braces)... $85 each
  • 1 x DC Van (flat diagonal braces)... $85 each
  • 1 x VG bogie louvre van... $110.  More available to order.
  • Roofwalk only for DC Van... $10 for 2.
  • Sold - 1 x WMD Hopper Wagon... $85 plus 3D printed bogies... $30 per pair (bearings included, wheels not included)
  • Sold - 3 pairs American Models Bettendorf bogies with 3D-printed narrow gauge bolsters... $20 per pair (wheels not included).  - trying to order more from American Models.
  • 5 x WAGR Water Columns, extended version: $15 each.
Available soon (currently on order from i.Materialise):

Note:  This section will be updated when items are sold or new items become available, so check in from time to time to see what is available.  Any other item from the Marbelup Models catalogue is available to order in approx. 2-4 weeks.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Marbelup Models DB Loco Kit Project

The Marbelup Models project to produce a 3D-printed "kit" of the Westrail DB diesel locomotive in Sn3½* scale is going ahead!

Basically, the "kit" will consist of 3D-printed parts for loco body, underframe, fuel tank and bogie sideframes,   The general construction will be similar to the Marbelup Models D and DA locos.

The expected "kit" cost will be about $350 per loco.  (Actual cost subject to variation due to exchange rate variations against the Euro and/or prices increases in 3D printing.)

To complete the loco, the purchaser must also source a mechanism as well as some detail parts, screws, couplers, DCC decoder (if required), paint, decals, etc.  Assembly instructions will be available online.

One option for the mechanism is the "inline" drive bogies available from Hollywood Foundry, as have been used for the D and DA locos,  Other mechanism options are also being explored.

Some modellers have paid a $100 deposit as per the initial invite for "expressions of interest" published in May 2016.  Those who have paid a deposit will take priority as the kits become available.  Additional kits will be available after the initial orders have been fulfilled, and there is no fixed limit to the number of kits produced, due to the 3D-printing process which allows additional kits to be produced "on demand".

Deposits are still being accepted, which will secure a place in the "queue" for delivery.  A $100 deposit per loco can be paid by PayPal (to marbelupmodels@iinet.net.au) or Bank Transfer.

Expected delivery time: 1 year, i.e. by end of June, 2017.

Deposits refundable only if Marbelup Models unable to deliver, for any reason, after 2 years, that is by end of June 2018..

You can pay the $100 deposit using the PayPal link below:

Specify Scale and Gauge*

Please email Marbelup Models for bank details if you wish to pay by Bank Transfer.

Please note that complete ready to run locos will not be available from Marbelup Models, although it is possible that "third parties" may offer an assembly and/or painting service at additional cost.

* The DB loco kits proposed in HO and HOn3½ scale will not be produced at this stage, due to lack of paid deposits from HO modellers.  The idea of producing kits in HO scale may be revived at some time in the future but only if there is strong interest.