Tuesday, 10 September 2013

WAGR WMC Iron Ore Wagon

The WMC wagons for built for and privately owned by Western Mining Corporation (WMC) in the mid 1960's to carry iron ore from the Koolanooka Hills mine near Morawa to Geraldton.  Later the wagons were used for carriage of coal, talc and grain, and were modified by the addition of hungry boards (WMD) or covered roof (WME)  Refer to the WAGR Wagon Pages for more information on the prototype.

The model represents the original WMC design, as used for iron ore traffic, but the WMD version (with hungry boards) is also available.

These photos are of the first test print from i.Materialise.  The bogies fitted to the test model are QR bogies in Sn3½ by Black Diamond Models in Qld.  They are roller bearing style, but slightly different shape to the WAGR bogies fitted to the real WMC's.  They are the correct wheelbase (5' 6").  Marbelup Models is now producing the correct WAGR roller bearing bogies as 3D-printed parts.

Most details are included in the 1-piece 3D-printed body including:
  • Vacuum cylinders at both ends
  • Brake hoses and piping
  • Simulated gear and chain drive for the bottom dump doors
  • Shunters' steps (not present on test model)
Detail to be added by the modeller includes:
  • Two brass wire "shafts" as part of door operating mechanism
  • L-shaped handrails at both ends (brass wire)
  • Handle for handbrake at both ends (brass wire)
  • Chain from handbrake to brake cylinder, at both ends.
For more information, please refer to the construction tips for the WMC and WMD.

End view showing vacuum cylinder and brake hose.
Freshly painted in the spray booth, with handrails and brake chains added.
3D rendering of correct bogies, currently on order as 3D print.

This model will not be available for sale from the i.Materialise Gallery, but can be ordered direct from Marbelup Models.  The cost for the 3D-printed body only will be about $85, subject to exchange rate variations, with postage additional, if required.  3D-printed bogies are available for $35 per pair, not including wheels.  Contact Marbelup Models for availability and confirmation of price.