Wednesday, 4 September 2013

WAGR ZBA Guard's Van

WAGR ZBA Guard's Van

The five ZBA Guard's Vans were converted in the 1950's from BA horse boxes, and were in service until the 1970's.  See the WAGR Wagon Pages for more information on the prototype.

The picture above shows the first test print of this model received from i.Materialise, painted, and with the addition of bogies, couplers, and wire truss rods.  Handrails are yet to be added.

This model is "representative" and is not intended to be "100% accurate", as there were detail variations between the 5 members of the class.  There is limited information surviving in terms of drawings and photographs, so is virutally impossible to determine which variations applied to any particular van.  The overall dimensions are based on outline drawings of the ZBA and BA.

Please refer to our Contruction Tips for details of bogies, couplers, etc. required to complete the model.