Sunday, 15 September 2013

VG Bogie Covered Van

Marbelup Models VG after detailing and painting
The VG Bogie Covered Vans were introduced in 1969 and initially ran in red/brown livery before being painted in Westrail yellow.  The photos below, from Rail Heritage WA, shows VG's at Albany and Perth in red/brown livery.

VG (on left) at Albany circa 1971
VG on train approaching Perth Station
Refer to the WAGR Wagon Pages for more information on the prototype.

The body of the VG has been printed in one piece, and includes all details except handrails and two brake pull rods, which have to be added by the modeller using brass wire.  For more information, please refer to the Construction Tips.

Photo of first test print (Please excuse mismatched bogies.)

Railwest Models sells suitable bogies for the VG.  The bogies shown in the photo are by American Models which are for standard gauge, but suitable for regauging to Sn3½  Marbelup Models sells 3D-printed bolsters which greatly simplify the regauging process.