Tuesday, 22 January 2019

RA Class Diesel

Here you will find information on the 3D Printed parts designed by Marbelup Models which will allow a model railway enthusiast to build their own model of a WAGR RA class diesel in Sn3½ scale (i.e. 1/64 scale, 16.5 mm gauge).

The Marbelup Models 3D-printed model of the RA class diesel is based on the existing design for the R class.  These pictures represent a composite rendering of the RA loco.  

The RA is about 16 mm (in S scale) longer than the R class.  The short hood is longer, as is the narrow section of the long hood immediately behind the cab.  The fuel tank is also longer, and the RA does not have the dynamic brake grilles in the end and top of the long hood.  The RA also has different headlights, with the twin lights being mounted side by side rather than vertically.

The RA uses the same bogie mechanisms and motor as the R class, and these are available from Hollywood Foundry.

All of the major parts for the RA class have been designed to be produced as 3D printed plastic parts, including:
  • Loco Body
  • Chassis
  • Bogies
  • Fuel Tank

The 3D printed parts have been designed based on plans and photographs of the RA class locomotives "as delivered" in 1971-72.  As with many locomotives, various modifications were carried out over their life.

In addition to the 3D-printed parts, the modeller must obtain a number of other parts in order to complete the locomotive.  Please refer to the Assembly Tips for a list of the parts required, and helpful tips.