Friday, 4 October 2013

CXB 4-wheel Sheep Wagon

CXB Sheep Wagon after added detailing and painting

CXB Sheep Wagon available to order Now!

Marbelup Models has revised the design for the CXB Sheep Wagon to comply with the changed i.Materialise print specifications, so the CXB is now available to order.  The price is approx. $105 each, subject to change due to exchange rate variations against the Euro.  3D-printed sheep loads are also available for $15 per wagon (90 sheep) or $30 for 2 wagon loads (180 sheep).

The revised model has slightly coarser details than the model shown here, due to the change in print specifications from 0.3 mm minimum detail size to 0.5 mm, although the difference in the finished model is barely noticeable.  The revised model has been designed to accommodate readily-available etched brass W-irons, but cosmetic axleguard/spring units will be included in the 3D print.

The 3D-printed model includes:
  • Floor detail include double floors on upper and lower decks
  • Roof including rain strips and downpipes
  • Detailed axleboxes and springs
  • Brake shoes and vacuum brake cylinder 
  • Vacuum brake hoses
  • Brake lever
  • Shunter's step
Most of the photos show the model after detailing, but prior to painting.  The grey parts are produced by the 3D printing process.  As always, click on any of the photos to zoom in.

To complete the model, the modeller will be required to add:
  • Wheels (12 mm diameter 4-hole or disc, 26 mm axle length)
  • Etched brass W-irons (available from Railwest models).
  • Brass bearings (e.g. North Yard 2 mm diameter, pinpoint)
  • Couplers and fixing screws (e.g. 2-56). Recommended couplers are Kadee #158 with #262 draft gear boxes.  Note that the #242 draft gear boxes, supplied with the #158 couplers, have a different mounting hole location and are also too wide to clear the brake pipe.  If preferred, Kadee #148 couplers can be used with the "full size" knuckle rather than the "scale" knuckle.  Both the #148 and #158 are "Whisker" couplers.
  • Self tapping screws for fixing body and W-irons - 1 mm x 3 mm pan head, 6 required per wagon. (DCC Concepts DCS-PH103).
  • Brass wire (0.4 mm) for horizontal rods in body sides and doors, upper door guide rods, end handrails, and brake rod.  3 lengths are required per wagon.
  • Glue, paint, decals, etc.
The model consists of two unequal "halves", with a vertical join running end to end.  This will allow access to the interior for painting and adding a load of sheep, if desired.

The two sections are 3D-printed on their sides, which results in a good surface finish on the roof and outside surfaces.

For help with assembly, see the CXB Construction Tips.  For information on the prototype CXB's, see the WA Wagon Pages.