Tuesday, 22 January 2019

WAGR/Westrail WBC Standard Gauge Guards Van

Marbelup Models has developed an HO scale model of the WAGR WBC guards vans.  These were introduced in 1966 and were the most numerous of the standard gauge guards vans.  

Although similar to the South Australian Railways 8300 class vans (previously available in HO scale from Lima), there are quite a few differences, particularly with respect to the placement and size of the windows.  The WBC also had different "semi-passenger" bogies, which Marbelup Models has reproduced as 3D-printed parts.

For more information on the prototype, see the standard gauge section of the WA Wagon Pages.

The body of the WBC is 3D-printed in 2 sections, with "teeth" and matching sockets for alignment and strength when joined.  Some filling is required on the roof after joining the sections.  At the ends, the join is aligned with one of the vertical channel sections.

Included detail includes side and end steps, lamp brackets, tail-lamps & conduits, and gas cylinders on the underframe.  The modeller is required to add some details from brass wire, including handrails on the doors, ends and roof, and uncoupling levers.

A "first" for this model is the inclusion of slots in the underframe to allow the window glazing (0.25 mm clear styrene) to be inserted from below after the model is assembled and painted, resulting in a "near flushglaze" appearance.

Note that the "kit" includes the 3D-printed parts only.  The purchaser must separately obtain other parts including wheels, couplers, brass wire, window glazing, etc.  Refer to the construction tips for more information.